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3 Corporate Event Ideas to Make Your Event Stand Out

corporate event ideas to spice up your event

Let’s face it. Sometimes corporate events are boring. Held in windowless rooms with people awkwardly standing around trying talk to each other above the din of other conversations or music, corporate events are sometimes a little bland. Luckily, more and more corporate events are focused on making sure that their attendees are staying engaged by providing more personalized, interesting experience. Here are a few ideas to spice up your event!

Find an Interesting Venue

Hotels and restaurants are great venues, but if you want to add an element of surprise, then consider a venue that is more unexpected. In Austin, we have beautiful museums (like the Contemporary Austin Laguna Gloria), co-working spaces (like Gather Venues), furniture rental spaces (like Loot Vintage), historic train stations (like Springdale Station), and gardens with peacocks (like Mayfield Park) that operate on the side as event spaces. Who doesn’t want to watch a peacock strut around while sipping a cocktail? These venues are talking points that will keep your attendees excited.

Create an Immersive Experience

If you have the budget, experiential marketing is something to consider. Experiential marketing or live marketing is an immersion of consumers in unforgettable live experiences. At SXSW in Austin, a prime example is HBO’s escape rooms in 2017, where HBO created an “Escape the Room” experience based off 3 of its shows, which allowed fans to be fully engaged in their favorite shows. While this example is a big undertaking, there are more minimal ways to put experiential marketing to work. We will be creating a list of entertainment ideas in a separate post.

Offer Different Food Experiences

The way to a person’s heart is through their stomachs. This adage still holds true. Turning an underwhelming coffee break into a coffee tasting with Creature Coffee or offering conveyor belt sushi at the lunch buffet could make an event memorable. Having new and different formats for food (as well as good food) gets people talking and prevents anyone from getting hangry.

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