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6 Simple Ways to Spice Up Your Corporate Holiday Party

Updated: Nov 2, 2018

Eat Party Love Events is gearing up for all the corporate holiday parties this season, and we thought it would be great to share a few simple (and cost effective) ways to add some excitement to yours! We know that budgets can be tight, especially at the end of the year, but these easy ideas add a little flair.

1. Add a signature cocktail.

Get people talking about the cool signature cocktail that you can only get at your event. The cocktail is a trouble-free way to add a unique element to your event. Here are some great recipes from Martha Stewart.

2. Create a holiday selfie station.

The uncomplicated way to create a selfie station is to turn a well-decorated corner into a selfie station with some fun props and selfie sticks. For something a little more professional, there are plenty of photobooth and open-air photo vendors that offer customized backdrops and digital designs.

3. Include a holiday stocking/ornament/cookie decorating station.

Let your guests get creative with a decorate-your-own XXX station. You can decorate anything from stockings to ornaments to cookies. All you need is some paint and paint pens (or icing and sprinkles, if you go with cookies). Arrange them in some fun holiday containers, and you have an entertaining decorating station. Additionally, your guests can take their newly decorated items as keepsake to remind them of what a great time they had at your party!

4. Give away door prizes with a guessing contest.

Greet your guests with a mystery… e.g., how many candy canes are in this jar? Whoever has the closest guess wins a coveted prize. The contest gets attendees engaged right away, and people will have something to look forward to as the event goes on.

5. Play a holiday movie in the background.

Give your guests a feeling of nostalgia by playing a holiday classic without sound in the background. The movie also gives guests something to focus on visually, as well as a talking point to reminisce about those good ol’ days.

6. Set up a s’mores station.

Grab a bowl of marshmallows, a few chocolate bars, some graham crackers, skewers, and wick chafing fuel, and voila! You have a s’mores station! Incredibly easy to set up with a minimal cost. S’mores are always fun to have at a party.

What are your fun holiday party ideas? Let us know!


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