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7 Steps Increase the Number of Qualified Attendees for Your Corporate Event

Which type of person would you rather have at your corporate event: an attendee who is only there for the free food or an attendee who genuinely wants to engage with your company? For most people, the answer is the latter, but oftentimes, in our quest to attract as many people as possible to an event, we attract the former. Combining our marketing experience and our event experience, Eat Party Love Events has put together 7 steps to attract a qualified audience to your corporate event.

Step 1: Figure Out Who You Want at Your Event by Creating an Attendee Persona

A persona is at the foundation of almost every marketing campaign and is a composite sketch of your target audience. The persona should be based on combining traits of real people into a single archetype. This will give you an idea of what your target audience likes, what they dislike, as well as what the best ways to communicate with them are. Find out more about personas here. Once you have established who your audience is, then communicating the details of your event to them becomes much easier.

Step 2: Articulate Why Your Attendees Want to Be There through Your Value Proposition

Start with the objective of having the event. To appeal to the right kind of guest, you must be ready to articulate how guests would benefit by attending your event. Ideally, your message is only a sentence or two long. The simpler your message is, the easier it is for people to understand in your communications.

Step 3: Choose A Unique and Convenient Venue

Make it easy for your guests to get to the event. Consider choosing a venue that is close to the majority of the attendees, as well as a venue that most guests would consider interesting or different from the usual event spaces based off your attendee persona.

Step 4: Collaborate with Organizations That Appeal to Your Target Audience

Reach out to other organizations who appeal to your target audience for cross-promotional opportunities, incentivizing them with sponsorships or organizational registration discounts.

Step 5: Promote to Targeted Audiences and Lookalike Audiences on Social Media

From your attendee persona in Step 1, you know what demographics you are targeting, and you can use it on social media. Most social media sites can point your advertising to target people based off their location, their demographics, and even their interests. If you have a list of emails of people that you want to target based on previous events, you can create a lookalike audience to reach out to people who are similar to them in order to extend the reach of your advertising.

Step 6: Add Your Event to Event Discovery Sites

People are always searching for things to do, and they look for events on event discovery sites like Eventbrite. For Austin-specific events, is the most popular event site.

Step 7: Use Ad Retargeting

Oftentimes, people get to your site to buy tickets, but get distracted and leave. Ad retargeting helps remind these people to come back to buy. According to, web site visitors who are retargeted with display ads are 70% more likely to convert on your website. Definitely worth exploring!

What has worked for you? Let us know in the comments below!

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