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How Do I Create an All-Encompassing Experience with A Theme?

Updated: Jul 3, 2018

choosing an event theme for corporate events

Now that you have chosen the theme for your event (learn how to select a theme here), it is time to create an experience that makes your theme come to life for your guests. The tips below will ensure that your theme permeates throughout the event.

Pick a Tagline

A tagline that emphasizes the theme conveys the main message of your event; it should be as memorable as possible. Having a branded tagline at events is important because it focuses your event marketing, assists guests in remembering the event every time the tagline is used, and helps accentuate your brand.

Design an Event Logo

A logo is visual symbol of your event, making it easier for your guests to recognize where they are. Use your event logo in invitations, in presentations, on signage, in your event site/app, and more. Using your logo in these areas will give consistency to the look and feel of your event marketing.

Create Slide Templates for Guest Speakers

Create a slide template for your presenters that incorporate your event logo and your theme. This way, you can also ensure that the presentations are visually consistent.

Choose a Color Scheme

Colors have been proven to evoke certain emotions, and they can be used to enhance your event. The color palette that you choose can be used in every event element – set, décor, lighting design.

Give Promotional Gifts that Match the Theme

Guests always love gifts, and giving them one that reminds them of the great time they had at your event will induce fond memories with your company associated with them.

Distribute a Feedback Survey

A survey after the event allows guests to share their thoughts and allow you to ensure that your audience understood the message that you were trying to convey. The survey responses can also give you direction for future events.

Following these tips will help your theme come alive and will help create an unforgettable experience for your guests.