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How to Brand Your Corporate Event

According to the American Marketing Association, a brand is “a name, term, design, symbol, or any other feature that identifies one seller’s good or service as distinct from those of other sellers.” What do you want people to think of when they think of your event? Event branding is a key way to establish an identity for your event, as well as a way to make it easier for your attendees to recognize and remember your event.

Here are a few steps to ensure that your event brand is loud and proud:

Determine Your Event’s Brand Image

Before you begin, what do you want to your event brand to convey? Powerful brands communicate a simple message (e.g., Nike’s Just Do It, Coca-Cola’s old tagline Open Happiness). If your message is simple and emotional, then it is easier for people to remember what it is. From there, your event brand can be conveyed in a myriad of ways: through the color, the theme, the décor, the logo (more details in the next section). Use them all… or as many as possible! All branding decisions should lead back to the message that you have decided upon. Be consistent!

Create an Event Logo

The event logo gets a special section in this post because of its importance. Not only does your logo embody your event message, your event colors, and your event theme, but it also appears on ALL of your marketing materials. Ideally, your logo is a derivation of your own company logo (if your company is hosting the event) to remind people who is hosting your event.

Identify Attendee Touchpoints (Pre-Event)

Even before the event, you want people to start thinking about it and getting excited to attend. Think about where your attendees might find out about the event, as well as where they would interact with your event. Will they be visiting your social media sites? Will they be getting details about the event or even buying tickets on your website? Will they be reading emails about the event? Will they be on the company intranet? Once you have identified what your attendee touchpoints are before the event, you can then plan how you want to communicate with your attendees and where.

TIP: Create an email template for the event specifically, so that your emails look and feel consistent every time there is a communication about your event.

Identify Attendee Touchpoints (During Event)

During the event, this is really where event design comes into play. Work with your event planner to ensure that all attendee touchpoints are covered – from the registration packets to banners to the menus to the stage to the restrooms to the swag bags. Think about tactics to get people to interact with your event brand with experiential booths or social walls. Create a focal point with your event brand above the crowd, so that people can see it all angles. We will go into a more comprehensive list of tactics in a later blog post!

Post-Event Touches

Even though the event is over, your event brand can still live on. Send thank you notes via email or handwritten cards. Try to establish that emotional connection. This way, people will come back to the next one and the next one and so on.


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