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The Best Venue for Design Thinking Workshops in Austin: CRAFT

Eat Party Love Events keeps tabs on the hottest venues in Austin, and we found the perfect venue to accommodate your design thinking workshop in Austin! CRAFT is a “creative hub for DIY crafting, workshops, and events,” and as soon as you walk in, you know that the space is meant for people to unleash their creativity… exactly what you need for some innovative thinking! For those who need a refresher, design thinking is used by companies like Apple, Google, and SAP to solve problems in a creative way by using an iterative process with time constraints with the end user in mind. For more information, please check out this crash course in design thinking from the Stanford Here are some reasons why we think CRAFT is the best venue for your design thinking workshop:


CRAFT is located in a warehouse, but it happens to have high ceilings and big windows. High ceilings, along with the size of the venue, are important in design thinking workshops because it gives your guests the feeling that the sky is the limit (especially for your ideas!), while daylight helps illuminate and support those ideas with warmth and natural colors. Additionally, the fact that your workshop is happening in an unconventional venue like a warehouse is already a step towards out-of-the-box thinking.


Everything at CRAFT is movable. The tables and the dividers are on wheels, so that you can easily slide them in the right position (for all your handwritten sticky notes!) or out of the way. During a design thinking workshop, you do not want to be constrained by your space, and you will not have that problem at CRAFT. In addition, the tables and chairs are elevated, so people are in an almost standing position to keep them active and engaged.

Materials for Ideation and Prototyping

At CRAFT, you are surrounded by all these amazing materials used for crafting, which happens to be perfect for both ideation and for prototyping in design thinking workshops. The venue has more materials than you would need for prototyping, but they could inspire your ideas to go even further. You would still need to bring your own sticky notes, whiteboards, and flipcharts, though.


The acoustics at CRAFT are good for when everyone is presenting their ideas in their individual break-out groups. There is no echo, so it will not get too noisy or too loud. For the final presentations, no microphone is needed, as long as everyone is listening.

Event Logistics

CRAFT was designed to be an event venue and is conveniently located in East Austin right down Cesar Chavez. They are used to outside catering and have an eclectic array of dinnerware available for use.

These reasons are why we recommend holding your design thinking workshop at CRAFT. The venue is definitely one of the most important aspects to consider for your workshop, since your guests need to be surrounded by an ambiance that fosters creativity. However, a design thinking workshop cannot be successful without a great facilitator. If you are looking for one, contact us!

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