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Why Do I Need an Event Planner for a Corporate Event Under 150 People?

Updated: Aug 15, 2018

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Many companies feel that because intimate corporate events, or events under 150 people, are small, they must be less complex to plan. Here at Eat Party Love Events, we disagree. We believe that these small events are the most important ones. At these events, your guests – whether they are internal employees, clients, prospects, or journalists – are focused only on one thing: your company. Therefore, any mistakes made during the event are more glaring than usual, and any memories made during the event are more impactful. This is why even during SXSW here in Austin, many companies hold a reception outside of the main event. Here are a few ways an event planner can make your company shine during these crucial intimate events.

Event Planners Make Sure that Your Branding Comes Through

We think of ourselves as an extension of your marketing arm. EPL Events is here to make sure that your branding is not just about having your company logo on the wall or the napkins, but that your branding is prevalent in the EXPERIENCE that you are giving your guests. Your event is a story that your guests will want to tell others after it is over, and we do that by creating the right ambiance that reflects your brand.

Event Planners Keep Your Objectives in Mind Throughout the Event

Depending on the objective of your event, a dinner at a restaurant may not be enough. If your goal is to network or to showcase a product or to launch a company, there are activities and tactics that we, as event planners, know to facilitate your specific goals. (Please see our list of tried and true networking activities here). Additionally, we can keep people moving from one part of the event to the other, so that there is no dead time in between.

Event Planners are Great Crisis Managers

You are the star of your event, and you need to focus on your objectives before, during and after the event. You do not want to disappear at your own event to call a missing vendor or to put out a fire in the kitchen. Let your event planner make sure everything goes smoothly and work behind the scenes to manage any and all hiccups!

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